Owning a cottage at the lake is a dream for all of us. Figuring out the right way to make that dream a reality is what deeded fractional ownership is all about.

Owning 100% of an expensive luxury asset – like a cottage on the Whitefish Chain – is not the best use of your money. Did you know that according to the National Association of Realtors, the average vacation homeowner typically spends only 39 day at their vacation home and at most average around 55 days per year.*

Today, people are focusing more on “how to experience life” and less about how many toys you can accumulate. There is no satisfaction in maintaining an underutilized luxury asset. When you buy a cottage at Clamshell Beach, you buy a deeded fraction of a cottage. Therefore, you can enjoy just the right amount of time at the lake.

A cottage at Clamshell Beach has more amenities than when you buy a traditional whole ownership lake cottage. Heated swimming pools, watercraft rentals, a full service lodge and more. Plus, because you’ve only bought the time you need, you will have the financial freedom to do other things with your spare time and money.

A fractional cottage lets you have pride of ownership and investment potential but the costs are divided amongst all the owners – this brings the costs of ownership down. A professional resort management company takes care of the rental, upkeep and maintenance.

Unlike full residential ownership – or even ownership among family members – all the details are taken care of. You don’t have to mow the grass, plow the snow, or put the docks in. The financial management of taking care of your cabin is all taken care of too.

You just show up, enjoy every minute of your time and walk away when you’re done. This is what “the good life” is all about. A fractional cottage is fully deeded property and sold on a fractional basis. At anytime in the future, you may lend, rent, will, gift, or sell your ownership.

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*National Association of Realtors Profile of Second Home Owners, NAR, 2006 page 22

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